Offshore Services

Staff of Se Surveying have been operating across the globe from before Se Surveying existed. We can offer all of our services anywhere and at any time, where ever we are required.

Building surveys or even simple topographical surveys can be easily carried out with our 3D scanners that can be carried as hand baggage with all airlines. Scan data has the added bonus of also providing full colour 360 degree interpretable images of the survey area, giving the design team a full overview of the sites. This will virtually eliminate the requirement for site visits.

For larger scale surveys both Topographical and Bathymetric we have full RTK GPS systems, Total Stations and Echo Sounders and are well practiced with surveying very large and remote areas, often utilising both the CORS network and UTM in essentially unmapped areas of the globe.

Since early 2013 we have teamed up with a logistics partner that operate in both west and east Africa and have full survey equipment in bonded storage for fast and easy mobilisation in these areas.